Our partners

Quality and reliability only works with the right equipment and partners:

MAHA GmbH & Co. KG


We are MAHA’s worldwide reference for all-wheel drive roller test benches and lifting platforms

Kratzer Automation AG


Test bench automation and measurement data acquisition

MoTeC Pty Ltd


Engine management

Apicom SpA Testing Machines


Eddy current brakes for stationary test benches



Partner for mechanical petrol injection pumps

Total performance

Engine construction and development

Sima Maschinenbau GmbH

Partner for service, fixture and tool construction

Vispiron Rotec GmbH

High-resolution measurement technology for torsional vibration studies

Fogtec Fire Protection Systems GmbH


High-pressure water mist extinguishing system in all test rooms

Jumo GmbH & Co. KG


Temperature control of all water, oil and ventilation controls

Hch. Perschmann GmbH


Equipment and Hazet workshop equipment as well as measuring tools

Thermo Sensor Ltd.


Temperature sensors including thermal cables and high-temperature plug connections

Yamaichi Electronics Ltd.


Electrical connectors