Research and development

Powerful test bench technology at industry level

In the search for potential savings for the engines and drive systems of the future, the main focus is on friction reduction and focal length optimisation. In view of the ecological challenges, this area of responsibility will become increasingly important in research. We from Herrmann Motorenentwicklung are the ideal partner for all projects related to these further developments with our high-tech test benches at the industry level.


On our stationary test benches, we can produce an appropriate test frame for motors of any type in the shortest possible time – including the entire peripheral. The required measurement data is collected, and the test bench is controlled in real time. Due to the good accessibility to the engine, as well as to the intake and exhaust system, problem areas can be quickly identified and development times for changes can be significantly shortened. Of course, all tests run under absolute secrecy! Our test benches can be taken out of the network and run completely autonomously under your control.


Our all-wheel drive-up roller dynamometercompletes our range. There, high engine power can be measured realistically, safely and under reproducible conditions at any time. Use the performance and capacities of our test benches for your research tasks. Talk to us personally. We look forward to a visit.

Stationary test bench

All-wheel drive roller dynamometer