Vintage cars/modern classics

Maximum safety – independent results

With us, your collector’s item is in the best hands: thanks to state-of-the-art plant technology, we check gently, safely and neutrally.


When you are looking to have your classic car or modern classic extensively restored, you want the greatest possible transparency and safety in all work steps. We support you with our state-of-the-art performance test benches and thus contribute to the increase in the value of your engine or vehicle.


After an overhaul or repair, we can put your engine into operation under laboratory conditions on our stationary test benches and make the ignition and carburetor settings.


After successful commissioning, the engine is then reinstalled into the vehicle and we check the electrical system and the fuel supply on our all-wheel-drive roller dynamometer.


This ensures that you can keep driving your classic car in the future without any worries.


Talk to us. Our specialists are there for you!

Stationary test bench

All-wheel drive roller dynamometer