Roller dynamometer

Gentle, safe and realistic


Would you like to test your overhauled or retuned engine in the overall system? We can provide fast error analysis or a complete check of all components under real driving conditions on our all-wheel drive dynamotest. Comprehensive measurement and monitoring technology determines independently and comprehensibly whether the engine meets all requirements. The test bench, which is equipped with a top roller, is currently the most powerful plant technology available to private customers in Germany.

When the tyres are spared, the measuring accuracy increases

One large roll instead of two – that’s the principle of the vertex roll.
The large diameter:

  • Reduces walking
  • Minimises the risk of tyre damage
  • Guarantees higher measurement accuracy
  • Testing with profileless and historic tyres is possible


Real driving conditions

  • Travel wind simulation up to 230 km/h
  • This means realistic underbody cooling (exhaust system, gearbox, differential, etc.) without thermal stress
  • Brake power 1200 kW per axle
  • Electric drive power to track the non-driven axle of the vehicle for the recuperation of hybrid and electric vehicles
  • 74 kW electric drive power per axle
  • Leverage automotive software with the ability to control development cycles for hybrid and electric vehicles, emission measurement cycles, or fuel consumption measurement cycles


More security

Our state-of-the-art safety equipment prevents damage to the test specimen. Among other things, we ensure this by:

  • Our permanent video surveillance
  • A high-pressure water mist extinguishing system