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High flexibility, short set-up times

The demands on the performance of engines are constantly increasing. In addition, there are new emission regulations, increasingly strict limits and many other technical challenges. The permanent and rapid development of technology is therefore essential for modern companies today. On our state-of-the-art performance test benches, we can safely mount engines of any type within the shortest possible time and adapt the tests exactly to your needs.


With the special technical equipment, the quick-change system on the stationary test benches and our specially trained staff, we offer you a range of services that is unique on the free market. Among other things, this allows us to accurately determine all required measurement cycles, current and future.


The easy accessibility to the engine and the engine periphery guarantee short and cost-optimised development times for changes to the intake and exhaust system.


The measurement data acquisition and the test bench control are carried out in real time. A forced shutdown function as well as a high-pressure water mist extinguishing system ensure maximum safety on our stationary test benches as well as on our all-wheel-drive roller dynaometerfor inspections of the entire vehicle.


Would you like to take advantage of our high flexibility and short set-up times? Call us and make an appointment. We look forward to your visit.

Stationary test bench


All-wheel drive roller dynamometer