Sports cars – modern

Performance test – without a road

Sports cars are all about performance, speed and driving pleasure. That’s why testing is so important after performance modification — to see what the engine is truly capable of.


We provide our customers with the most powerful test bench technology in Europe – and accessible to everyone. On our all-wheel roller dynamometer, high engine performance can be measured realistically, safely and under reproducible conditions at any time. This is ensured, among other things, by a wind simulation up to 230 km/h with appropriate sub-surface cooling and a braking power of 1200 kW per axle. By the way, driving speeds of up to 480 km/h are possible.


Our equipment makes it possible to take your wishes and needs into account. These include performance-enhancing measures, fuel savings, the application of freely programmable injection and ignition systems and much more.


With the help of our stationary test benches, the range of further development possibilities is considerably expanded.


We are happy to advise you. Make a personal consultation appointment with us on site! We look forward to your visit.

Stationary test bench

All-wheel drive roller dynamometer