Sports cars – classic

State-of-the-art technology for cars with soul

Fancy design, unique details and direct driving experience on the road. This and much more inspires lovers of classic sports cars. If you are a proud owner of such a rarity, you place great emphasis on restoring or improving the original performance when repairing or restoring it.


On our stationary test bench, for example, we assemble the upgraded engine, which has been revised by the repairer, and put it into operation – gladly in your presence. Whether the engine can also withstand the requirements in the test of the entire vehicle can then be examined on our all-wheel-drive-crown roller performance test bench. It simulates real driving conditions, without a test drive outdoors, and thus with maximum safety for the test specimen.


Our measurement data acquisition – by the way independently calibrated – records every second of the test runs in a written record. So you can not only feel the result while driving – but also have it in writing!


We are happy to show you this personally. Call us and make an appointment! We look forward to your visit.

Stationary test bench

All-wheel drive roller dynamometer