Pre-war models

We test pre-war engines – without a road

Restoring historic vehicles from the pre-war period requires special sensitivity and careful action. Therefore, it is best to test the revised engine on our test benches. You simulate real driving conditions without your vehicle having to drive on the road.


Anyone who is the proud owner of a classic car from the pre-war period will appreciate the special driving experience. You hear and smell the technique and feel the speed much more directly. Special attention is also required when restoring such vehicles, as many classic cars are not only worth a lot, but also historically significant. That is precisely why safety is a top priority in this work.

Would you like to know how you can benefit from our modern all-wheel drive dynamometer or the installation of the engine on our high-performance stationary test benches?


You can take a look at what such a thing looks like in practice. We cordially invite you to watch test runs live on site – of course for test subjects and projects that are not subject to secrecy.


Call us or make an appointment right away. We look forward to your visit!

Stationary test bench

All-wheel drive roller dynamometer