Realistic test conditions for electric and hybrid drives

On our all-wheel drive wheel test bench, the performance of electric and hybrid drives can also be measured realistically, safely and under any reproducible conditions at any time.


With a drive power of 74 kw per axle, the battery can be recuperated in the test with the entire vehicle. On the all-wheel-drive roller test bench, the charging and discharging cycles can be tested and the cooling of the battery cells can be developed under realistic test conditions.


For this purpose, you can rent our test bench for the sole use and in compliance with all necessary safety equipment in order to carry out the applications yourself. We guarantee the confidentiality of all collected measurement data. This is possible due to the self-sufficient infrastructure of the test rooms in the form of a self-contained system that is not accessible to third parties.


Talk to us personally about how you can optimally use our state-of-the-art testing capacities to meet your requirements.

Stationary test bench

All-wheel drive roller dynamometer